Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cadel about to get Schlecked

Tonight Le Tour enters it's most exciting and grueling stage - Modane Valfréjus.

At a tick under 110 kms it's not the longest stage on the Tour program. But it's an absolute ball buster. It's been three years since the rider have had to tackle Modane Valfréjus and the three successive climbs which really separate the men from the boys.

Three years ago Cadel Evans was well placed to challenge for overall honours. But Modane Valfréjus was his downfall. Being such a short stage means that riders can challenge from the get go. And the presence of both Schleck brothers - Andy and Frank - will give Cadel absolute fits. With the brothers riding for the same team, we just don't know which one is being positioned for the win. Without doubt one of them will attack early. If Cadel doesn't follow suit he risks losing the stage from the outset. If he challenges, the attacker will just wear him out so that the trailing Schleck can preserve his energy during the climbs and cruise by going downhill. Either way it's a lose-lose for Cadel.

Once again he's going to get Schlecked...and there isn't much he can do about it.


  1. whilst I love the tactics of the tour, I don't understand why no one would help Cadel chase down schleck on the climbs? Its almost as if everyone decided to roll over and let the Schlecks win.

    Cadels in with a shot as long as he doesnt lose more time. But even if he manages not to lose time S1 and S2 will attack all day/night to limit the damage Cadel can do on the time trial. He needs to get a better team!
    Speaking of which, the better team managed to win tonight despite trying our best to lose!


  2. I am so glad your prediction sucked.............Cadel breaks the voodoo

  3. It’s about time. The oldest winner of the Le Tour post 2nd world war. He can retire in peace now. Following the Le Tour for many years I always thought he was a bit of a wimp, but he pleasantly proved me wrong this year. The skinny legs of Contador and Schleck bros we destroyed by the fast tempo during the 21 stages, and Contador had to keep clean this time around. Go Cadel!

  4. Oh...I forgot to add....Schleck bros got Cadelled