Monday, August 29, 2011

Call yourself a blogger?

I enjoy constructive criticism. Here’s some reader response from the most recent posting. Note – names have been altered to ensure anonymity.

Again another biased ManU report and not one mention of the resurgence of LFC.,,,,call yourself a blogger.. Pft!

Rick the Scouser

Well Rick, in my esteemed estimation two wins and a draw versus the mega powers Sunderland and Bolton is a far cry from resurgence. Whilst I applaud Liverpool for finally fielding a competitive outfit, it’s still early days to start crowing. Nice to hear that you’re so optimistic. It’ll make it even sweeter when I writing my celebratory blog for title number 21!!!

All jokes aside though, Arsenal and Tottenham’s struggles will open the door for Liverpool to slide into the top four and return to Champions League football. Late last season and during this transfer window Liverpool splurged on a number of new faces, adding much needed depth to a weak squad. Although I think they overpaid on a number of players – yes you Andy Carroll – they aren’t the only club guilty of paying through the nose. As a fan I’d much rather my club bring in new talent than remain stagnate as Arsenal and Spurs have done, so it’s completely understandable that fans on the red half of Merseyside are optimistic.

Note to Scouser fans – stop crapping on about not having money to spend. I constantly hear Livo supporters whine about how other clubs have more money to spend. Believe me Livo throws the chequebook about just as well as other big clubs. You’re just guilty of buying shite players most of the time!

Suarez looks like a quality player who has adapted extremely well to the pace of the EPL. His finishing is something the team has lacked since the good old days when Nando Torres was scoring goals. Raul Meireles is another quality player. Jordan Henderson is decent. Dirk Kuyt will run all day. Glen Johnson is good going forward. Pity he can’t defend. He is a fullback after all. Charlie Adam was a big fish in a tiny pond last season. He’s in the ocean now and it’ll be interesting to see if he can swim successfully all season. Carragher will give his heart and soul for the club, but his best days are behind him. Stevie G is constantly half crocked. Joe Cole is permanently crocked. And the aforementioned Carroll is uninspiring at best. It’s sad to see so much money spent on this clogger. After a fluke season for Newcastle he has been wandering around Anfield without any kind of success. He is a talentless player, not too fast, can only shoot with one foot and his heading ability is the best part of an average game.

October and November will provide a sterner test for King Kenny and his Acolytes. Back to back fixtures against Everton and Man U in October flow into another tough double featuring Chelsea and Man City the following month. There will be 12 precious points up for grabs and the opportunity to really throw down the gauntlet to the big three. Good luck.

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