Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rabies Rampant: A Public Service Announcement

Reports disclosed on World Rabies Day, 28 September, indicate that this fatal disease is knocking on Australia’s doorstep, presenting serious ecological, public health, economic and social problems to the country.

After recent events in Sydney one wonders whether disease is already present in Sydney.

Prominent academics and health experts were alarmed by images of a Bulldog frothing at the mouth and gnawing at the ear of a high profile Australian footballer last Sunday.  This was followed by news that a pack of wild Bulldogs were menacing the local community in the Canterbury / Bankstown area on Monday.

The Bulldogs were allegedly extremely aggressive, particularly to humans, viciously barking at females. They were also ‘marking their territory’ by urinating wherever they walked.  

Spread mainly through biting, the disease infects the central nervous system and causes inflammation to the brain, a symptom obviously affecting these Bulldogs.

Academics believe that all it would take is one Bulldog, perhaps from the United Kingdom where rabies is still rampant, to bite other Bulldogs in his pack, thereby transmitting the terrible disease.

Whilst there have been calls for the new NRL Independent Commission to eradicate the problem, perhaps a visit to the local veterinary hospital for a quiet slumber would be more appropriate.

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