Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two great podcasts to check out

I used to enjoy talk back radio, but the constant drivel is no longer amusing. I'll probably jump back onboard when I'm a pensioner complaining about the latest increases in energy prices. And I've fallen out of touch with music so I don't listen to FM either. Instead I devote my listening time to podcasts - Football Ramble, The Basketball Jones, Football Weekly, NBA Today, BS Report, The Manchester United Redcast - to name a few that I subscribe to. 
Recently I came across two must hear pods that I encourage you all to take the time to enjoy:

BS Report: Bill Simmons speaks to Arnie about body building, Hollywood and Wilt Chamberlain trying to ride a horse!!!

BBC Five Live Sports Special on the amazing Alex Zanardi: From Formula One, to Indy Car, back to Formula and then to a handcycle...awesome story


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