Tuesday, June 12, 2012

$380,000 for a watch!!!

Courtesy of AFP and smh.com.au

Rafael Nadal has had a 300,000 euro ($380,000) luxury watch stolen from the Paris hotel where he stayed with his parents during the French Open.

Nadal's parents noticed that the watch, which was on loan from luxury watchmaker Richard Mille, had disappeared from their room in a hotel in Paris's upscale eighth arrondissement and reported it stolen, a police source said.

French newspaper reports said the company had lent Nadal the watch for the French Open, which the Spanish tennis sensation won for a record seventh time, beating Serbia's Novak Djokovic.

I don't know what's more confusing:

1. A watch could cost $380,000
2. Someone would loan out a $380,000 watch
3. A multimillionaire who just pocketed $1.6 million in prize money needs to borrow a watch
4. You are a multimillionaire, you have borrowed a $380,000 watch, and you leave it in your hotel room

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