Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NRL seeking energetic and experienced CEO - apply within

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The Australian Rugby League Commission, the newly established single controlling body and administrator of rugby league in Australia, is looking to recruit a proactive Chief Executive to lead the organisation into an exciting new era for the game.

This role is diverse, and the successful applicant will be confident, outgoing and positive with a high level of energy and drive. Under the intense scrutiny of a newly establish governing board and micromanaging chairman, you will be required to be the public face of the code, and strive to grow the game and to provide adequate funding for rugby league at all levels.

You will ideally possess a post graduate tertiary business qualification (MBA minimum), have played rugby league at an elite level (State of Origin minimum), have a successful history in business administration, and a network of influential and high net worth associates willing to invest in the game and support your endeavours.

Through your leadership, you will be responsible for determining and implementing the direction, goals and strategies as approved by the board, and for reporting outcomes against targets. 

A dynamic, proactive and confident go-getter, you will have demonstrated experienced in:

Contract negotiation: Capacity to successfully negotiate a complex new television rights agreement with multiple stakeholders that exceeds the value of an agreement negotiated by a rival code, and ultimately secures the medium to long term financial viability of all clubs that are otherwise haemorrhaging money and have no sustainable revenue stream;
Viral marketing: Extensive knowledge of social media platforms and applications, including Facebook and Twitter, with a particular focus on the prompt removal of online images depicting sexual activity between players and canines before they go viral;
PR and media relations: Capability to appropriately manage relationships with the mass media, in particular a global print news conglomerate that has a vested financial interest in the game and employs a collection of hack journalists who react with hyperbole to every issue in the game and continually promote their own agenda;
Advanced statistics and actuarial studies: Capacity to decipher intricate financial records and statements to ensure cheating and thieving clubs from south of the border don’t keep ‘ghost’ accounts that ultimately lead to premierships despite exceeding the substantially undervalued salary cap;
Cultural and linguistic diversity: Recognise the diverse nature of the organisations stakeholders and fan-base, with a specific focus on supervising the vast cohort of rednecks and hillbillies from north of the border in a sensitive and appropriate manner;
Expansion: Successfully deceive hapless North Sydney fans into believing the organisation is supportive of the Central Coast Bears initiative while identifying opportunities to expand the game beyond the East coast;
Good global citizenship: Ability to educate employees on good global citizenship, and institute a process of change management that successfully reduces instances of public drunkenness, public urination, public defecation, drunken disorderly behaviour, drink driving, physical abuse of sponsors, lewd sexual behaviour, brawling and anything Willie Mason might do.

Salary will be negotiated in accordance with experience and qualifications. 

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