Thursday, July 12, 2012

Show some respect

Shocking times abound.

The Greek economy balances on a knives edge with austerity measures enforced to ensure the Acropolis isn’t sold off to McDonald’s. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have divorced, with little Suri Cruise relocating to the south island of New Zealand. She’s searching for a safe haven from mind controlling Scientologists to seek sole custody of herself. Eleven time Grand Slam champion Rafa Nadal was bounced out of Wimbledon by little know Lukas Rosol, the biggest upset in tennis since Achilles retired hurt in the inaugural Troy Open.

And finally the Western Sydney Wanderers would like to cover the statue of Eels great Ray Price to ensure Parramatta Stadium, aka the Gates to Heaven, feels more homely for football fans (

Over my dead body Wanderers.

Now I’m a Western Suburbs boy born and bred. And football is my first sports passion. But you need to respect the turf you’re on, and at Parra Stadium, you’re on Eels territory.

We Eels fans haven’t had too much to celebrate in recent times. Jarryd Hayne was our most productive performer against Manly last weekend, and he was sitting on the bench enjoying a big bag of crisps! A couple seasons ago Carl Webb and Chris Walker were our marquee recruits. Paul Gallen is an Eels junior playing for the wrong colours. We overpaid Chris Sandow, were strongly considering buying Quade Cooper, and have put our faith in a Morman winger taking time away from league.

It’s not fun being an Eel.

What we do have is a six year window of success between 1981 and 1986 that hasn’t been replicated to date. Five finals including four premierships together with the greatest backline in living memory - Taylor, Grothe, Hunt, Ella, Cronin, Kenny, Sterling and Price. What a combination, what a time.

And the inspiration behind those glory years was Mr. Perpetual Motion Ray Price. Ray was the original Nathan Hindmarsh when Hindy was but a glint in his father’s eye. Ray hit the line hard, tackled his arse off, bleed for his team and then kept coming back for more. He was a war horse, a work horse a plough horse and just about any other type of horse that just keeps dragging it’s seemingly lame arse forward.  Since retirement he’s come across as being a bit of a donkey once in a while, but I’m not going to hold that against him. Ray is the Eels.

So to the Wanderers, show some respect.

Do you think they cover up the Alex Ferguson stand at Old Trafford when the Theatre of Dreams hosts rugby or league? No chance. Does the SCG rename the Bradman stand when the Swan’s are in town? Shit no. Did the United Centre put an afro wig on the Michael Jordan statue during Oprah’s farewell? I bloody well hope not.

Be thankful Wanderers you’re being offered the opportunity to grace the hallowed turf that is Parra Stadium, and hopefully, after years of battles lost and won, a legacy will be born and you can have your own statue at the venue.

But until that day, show some respect.

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