Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Simply the best

Glory, glory Man United rang around Old Trafford as the mighty Red Devils were crowned champions of England for the 20th time.

Shout out to my brothers and sisters in arms as we once again claim victory: Kum Steve, Koona, the Greek, Sash & son, Rocky, Red Devils in training Stefan and Petar, and all the other followers of the true faith. How many times have we had dirt kicked in our face, only to rise above and smite our enemies? At least 20!!!

There has been much conjecture and debate as to whether this is a truly great United side. Despite closing in on a record point total, and winning the league with a handful of games to spare, many detractors deride this team as being just good enough against sub-par opposition.

Whilst I don’t disagree that the likes of Carrick, Jones, Welbeck and a 40 year old Giggs are no match for Keane, Robson, Eric and Giggs in puberty…this team has one great player that is heads and shoulders above the rest.

Robin Van Persie.

24 million for a 29 year old injured plagued striker who hasn’t won anything significant in his career…money well spent I say. Just ask Roberto Mancini, who as early as December last year was citing RVP as the difference between the Red and Baby Blue sides of Manchester.

So here are 24 reasons why RVP is simply the best:

1. 24 goals this season, equating to a million bucks a strike. I’ll take them odds
2. In case you missed it check out goal number 23 http://bit.ly/10xQTKC . Some say its goal of the season. Bullsh#t I say – that’s goal of the millennium!
3. He hasn’t bitten anyone #luissuarez
4. He chose to sign for the great half of Manchester over the rubbish half

5. He hasn’t racially abused anyone #luissuarez

6. He scored the fastest goal of the season, the game a mere 32 seconds old against West Ham United
7. Gives a great hug
8. Ensured that we don’t have to rely on Wayne Rooney for everything #fatbastard
9. He’s not John Terry #johnterry
10. Corrected a penalty miss with a hat-trick against Southampton
11. He didn’t get into a training ground bust up with his manager #mariobalotelli
12. Scored against his old club to really stick the knife in
13. He’s not a fascist #paulodicanio
14. Scored the decisive goal in a 2-1 victory over Liverpool
15. Only player with two hat-tricks this season
16. Has a really simple goal celebration – the airplane. Classic
17. Clinched the derby with a last minute winner from a free kick
 18. His name definitely isn’t in a sealed envelope #brendanrodgers http://bit.ly/OrT5My
19. Didn’t turn up on the doorstep of another club without a transfer being confirmed #peterodemwingie http://bit.ly/11iPqmA
20. Is staying at Old Trafford for three more seasons
21. Scored his first Man United goal with his first ever shot for the club
22. Listened to the little boy inside his head: "I always listen to the little boy inside of me in these situations – when you have to make the harder decisions in life. What does he want? That boy was screaming for Man United."
23. He hasn’t bitten anyone #luissuarez (it needed repeating)
24. Delivered Man United a record 20th title

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  1. I'm gonna add No.25 Left the gooners for a winning team LOL .. another great read .. Koona